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Burt's Bees Asks Consumers To 'Find Your Burt'

Burt's Bees/Find Your Inner BurtIn celebration of Earth Day, Burt's Bees is launching, where guests can learn how to be more eco-conscious.

The microsite, which can be accessed via the company's main Web site, is a nod to the Morrisville, N.C.-based company's namesake and co-founder, Burt Shavitz, who is no newcomer to the green movement. Shavitz participated in the first Earth Day celebration four decades ago and went on to create Burt's Bees 25 years ago. Now he's encouraging everyone to "Find Their Burt" by discovering their earth-friendly potential.

The company is promoting the microsite via social media, including its company Facebook page. The company is planning Earth Day events in New York City. On April 22 in NYC's Union Square, Burt lookalikes will hand out samples as well as free "Burt" beards and hats.



At the microsite, guests are invited into Burt's world and asked to discover for themselves pieces of Burt's simple, nature-loving persona and practices through an augmented reality experience. An uploaded picture or webcam view of the site visitor is transformed or "Burtified" by adding the company founder's signature beard and cap. Guests will also learn about the ways Burt's Bees is "finding their Burt," such as limiting waste sent to landfills and reclaiming water that can be used again in the manufacturing process, saving an estimated 750,000 gallons of water per year.

"A lifestyle of well-being and sustainability for all is the company's hope, but they too are on path to the greatest good," according to a release. "It's a path of learning and being inspired by those who came before, like Burt and those who are leading the way forward, 40 years after the first Earth Day. That's all of us."

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