Study: Women Want Personalized Ads

Women's brands/online

It's a question men and marketers have been asking since time immemorial: What do women want?

Well, for marketers the answer is more targeted ads that show an understanding of their lives and give them something of value. In a survey of more than 1,800 women, 65% of them think: "Cool! How did they know I wanted this?" when they receive an online ad that was targeted directly at them. By the same token, 88% of them said the wished brands they trusted sent tailored offers.

To develop these relationships, 58% of the survey respondents encouraged brands to give them something first, while 19% wanted brands to get to know them better and 17% wanted the brands to tell them something valuable. The brands women said they have the best online relationships with are: Pillsbury, Procter & Gamble, Betty Crocker and General Mills.



"This report debunks a lot of prior thinking that consumers may fear or question targeted advertising," said Emily Girolamo, vice president of marketing and corporate communications at Q Interactive, in a statement. "Women, who are so entrenched online, are creating new expectations of brands, agencies and marketers. They are past any fear or suspicion when they get a targeted ad online -- and now just expect, want and seek out brands online with meaning for their busy lives."

What's more, women view their online interactions with sites and brands as "relationships." More than half (53%) used that word to describe the sites and brands they use online. More than 37% described the brands they encountered as "good partners" who reach them with relevant, targeted ads.

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