Chrysler Has Good News, Not So Good News: Edmunds

  • April 22, 2010 says the Fiat/Chrysler combine is on track to meet its goal of selling 1.1 million vehicles worldwide this year, although it is because lots of those sales are to rental fleets.

The firm also says that last month, only 17% of Chrysler trade-ins were exchanged for new Chrysler vehicles, the lowest loyalty rate among the major brands. says the good news is Chrysler vehicles now take 66 days to be sold once they reach the dealership. Last year, Chrysler averaged 109 days-to-turn. The auto research and marketing firm says the average Chrysler is currently sold for about $1,500 below sticker price, not including incentives. Last year, Chrysler averaged a $3,000 discount.

Also, per, Chrysler's incentive program currently averages a cost of $3,309 per vehicle. Last year, the average True Cost of Incentives for Chrysler was $4,122 per vehicle.--Karl Greenberg



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