'Girls' Find Paris Hotels Via Partnership

Girls Guide to Paris

Exclusive Hotels, a consortium of more than 200 of Europe's finest independent boutique hotels, is partnering with the Girls' Guide to Paris Web site for a female-centric online marketing partnership. 

The Girls' Guide to Paris site launched last year and is specifically geared toward women who love Paris. Research has shown that 80% of the site's visitors are actually planning a trip to the City of Light, says Valérie Allichon-Genest, marketing director for Exclusive Hotels.

The hotel group is sponsoring a quiz on the Web site. The widget encourages readers to answer a series of entertaining questions in order to make tailored hotel recommendations. Spotlighted as a banner advertisement across the Girls' Guide to Paris site, the "What Kind of Girl Are You?" widget allows female travelers -- whether a "Trendy Femme" or "Madame Right Bank" or "Artsy Design Girl" -- to find the ideal hotel for their trip.



"This creative quiz concept is allowing us to better ensure that our guests are happy with their hotel choice, driving repeat visits and positive word-of-mouth," Allichon-Genest tells Marketing Daily.

In addition, Exclusive Hotels is featured in the site's "Book It" section. Visitors can book their accommodations directly online, where they are offered special discounts, a gift with a four-night booking and a free download of one of the Girls' Guide to Paris' walking tours.

The Web site's audience of Francophile females shares a deep love of Paris, but most come from different walks of life and crave different experiences when they travel, says Doni Belau, founder and editor of Girls' Guide to Paris, who adds: "We address an assortment of styles, passions and activities on our site, and are excited to feature a similar range of travel resource partners as well."

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