Hanes, Jordan Tackle 'Bacon Neck' Problem

  • May 17, 2010
Thanks to basketball legend and uber underwear man Michael Jordan, American men will soon know the name of a problem that has been bothering women and stylists since the dawn of casual Friday: Bacon neck.

The two new TV spots for Hanes Lay Flat Collars feature Jordan trapped on a plane next to a chatty salesman, who points out the way other passengers' t-shirts pucker when worn with button-down shirts or V-necks.

Running on sports and cable shows, Hanes says the ads are designed to appeal to consumers who want a collar that keeps its shape and does not become wavy (or bacon-y, if you prefer). The Lay Flat Collar is now available across its entire line of pocket undershirts and dyed crews.--Sarah Mahoney

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