'Twilight' Star Joins Staples, DoSomething Drive

Staples/Nikki Reed

"Twilight" actress Nikki Reed is teaming up with Staples and for their annual school supply drive.

Reed, star of this summer's upcoming film "Twilight: Eclipse," is encouraging teens to collect school supplies and drop them off at their local Staples store from July 4 through Sept. 18. Reed is starring in a PSA that will air on television and radio stations nationwide, starting in July. Staples will also donate more than $125,000 worth of school supplies to the program.

New for 2010, Staples is launching a line of products that students can use to stay organized and learn about important issues impacting their communities. These products will be available at Staples retail stores by July 4 and will direct students to, a dedicated microsite with additional information and suggestions to help students take action in their communities.



Teens who want to get involved can go to for ideas on how to run local school supply drives and to sign up for an action kit. Whether holding a school supply drive at summer camp, during a summer sports league, or at a neighborhood block party, and Staples offer tips, resources, and flyers for how to get started and make the most of every teen's summer. Staples customers will be asked to donate $1 when they check out.

Each Staples store will be matched to a local educational not-for-profit organization serving local youth, and and Staples will ensure that all the donations get to these partners in time for the new school year.

During the first two Do Something 101 school supply drives, Boston-based Staples and, with the help of celebrity supporters Jordin Sparks and Ciara, raised more than $750,000.

" empowers teens to take action in their communities," said Nancy Lublin, CEO and Chief Old Person at, in a release "Staples has been a fantastic supporter for the past several years and we're thrilled to continue the relationship, and the Do Something 101 campaign, to provide young people with even more opportunities to rock social change with their friends this summer."

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