GM's Ohio Ad Campaign Argues Against SB 204

  • May 21, 2010
General Motors is launching an ad campaign in Ohio to argue that pending legislation there could hurt GM's turnaround.

General Motors says the bill, SB 204, which the Ohio Senate is considering next week, would allow auto dealers to sell foreign-made vehicles on the same dealer lots with GM cars and trucks; would prohibit GM from selling its auto parts to 6,000 businesses in Ohio, including Goodyear, Valvoline, Tuffy and local body repair shops; would force GM to pay the rent on dealership properties that have been closed because of fraudulent activities or the voluntary actions of dealers; and would halve the time that GM is allowed to perform quality control audits of dealerships to prevent fraud and ensure sound business practices.

The first ad will run in the The Youngstown Vindicator on Sunday. The ad touts the 1,200 new jobs GM will be adding at its Lordstown Complex to build the new Chevy Cruze and raises objections to the several provisions in SB 204.--Karl Greenberg



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