'TV Guide' Shares Content With TV Guide TV, Site

TV Guide magazine

After a tumultuous divestment, separation and a total makeover of the print product, TV Guide has come full circle with a new deal to share content with the TV Guide Network and TVGuide.com -- reuniting the magazine with its brand siblings several years after they were sold to different owners.

According to the terms of the deal, TV Guide -- which was sold to Open Gate Capital by Macrovision for $1 in October 2008, along with the assumption of about $100 million in liabilities -- will make its content available to the TV Guide Network and TVGuide.com, which were bought by Lionsgate for $235 million around the same time.

The deal seems to be an admission of failure for the magazine's Web site, TVGuideMagazine.com, which has struggled to compete with the magazine's own former site, TVGuide.com, since launching as a separate entity in December 2008.



From now on, the print magazine will direct readers to TVGuide.com, which in return, will carry print subscription promotions for the magazine. There will also be other cross-promotional arrangements between the magazine, Web site and cable network.

The iconic digest-sized publication collapsed earlier this decade amid big changes in media consumption and a management scandal, which saw Henry Yuen, the former CEO of Gemstar-TV Guide International, convicted of securities fraud in 2006 for lying about Gemstar-TV Guide's revenues. The magazine then reinvented itself in October 2006 as a full-sized magazine.

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