Kraft Bull's-Eye Urges 'Bold Choice' For BBQ Fans



Kraft Foods this week is launching its most significant campaign in several years for Bull's-Eye barbecue sauce.

The marketing push, which emphasizes flavor boldness with its tagline "The Bold Choice," is reaching out to influence the males -- who still do most of the barbequing and who in turn influence the women, who still do most of the grocery shopping -- via radio, digital channels, male-hosted home BBQ parties, sampling and in-store promotions.

The decision to invest in a new campaign for the brand, which is also launching four new flavor varieties, was based on the growing popularity of barbecuing, reports Bull's-Eye brand manager Noelle O'Mara. That growth is being spurred both by the economy-driven trend to more eating at home, and by consumers' interest in chicken as a healthy main course and their desire to find tasty new ways to prepare it, she notes.



The efforts include 30- and 60-second radio spots asking guys what kind of men they are when it comes to BBQ sauce -- bold or sweet -- and urging them to make "The Bold Choice." Those will air in more than a dozen markets this week through August.

"We want to communicate that the kind of sauce a man chooses says a lot about him," says O'Mara. "We know that our key consumer loves having a barbecue and that he's known as a great host among his friends. Our message is that Bull's-Eye can help him be the best host because it's great right out of the bottle: 'You're a bold guy, you should choose a bold sauce.'"

The same core theme is being conveyed via just-launched broadband videos (used as pre-rolls to content videos) and banner ads on heavily trafficked sports Web sites such as, and

Bull's-Eye's new message/promotions are now also being featured within Kraft Foods' Facebook fan area and its Twitter presence, and the brand's own site will by the end of June be updated to feature its expanded varieties (the regionally inspired new flavors include Texas, Carolina, Memphis and Kansas City styles), new recipes, and its radio and other new marketing efforts.

On June 26, Bull's-Eye will drive its new message and expanded varieties home by offering male BBQ aficionados the opportunity to host their own free home BBQ parties. About 2,000 of these parties, created/executed by House Party, Inc., will take place across the country on that day. Guys who are chosen to host will receive free party packs that include bottles of Bull's-Eye sauces, branded grill caddies, shot glasses and drink koozies, coupons, a party-game guide and a "bold BBQ soundtrack" (courtesy of eMusic).

Sampling at Major League Baseball games and other targeted venues will start in June. In addition, about 15 of Kraft's distribution trucks -- fitted up with "bull's eyes" featuring the brand's horns and hooves motifs -- will create additional presence around the country for Bull's-Eye and its "Make the Bold Choice" message.

In stores, Bull's-Eye will be offering shippers with high-value coupons and some instant coupons.

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