Tennis Channel Signs With Google TV Ads

Tennis ChannelGoogle TV Ads, its TV advertising selling system, has added Tennis Channel to its lineup of cable channels.

Tennis Channel joins Bloomberg Television, CBS College Sports, Hallmark Channel, Ovation TV, History International, and GSN, as well as a number of niche NBC Universal cable networks, such as CNBC, Sleuth, and Chiller.

Inventory typically sold on these networks is in harder-to-sell dayparts, including daytime, early morning, and late fringe time periods.

Tennis Channel did not disclose what areas Google would be selling, only that it "will provide a portion of its advertising inventory to Google TV Ads system."

At least one executive at one of Google's cable network clients said sales and revenue were not strong -- somewhat under expectations. No reason was offered.

Gary Herman, senior vice president of advertising sales, Tennis Channel, stated: "Google TV Ads is an additional tool for us to use in support of the increased demand we're seeing for Tennis Channel airtime."



Google TV Ads offers second-by-second measurement and data through a deal with Dish Network. Google also sells advertising avails on Dish Network.

Advertisers can name their own price when it comes to Google TV Ads system, says the compay.

After commercials are uploaded into the system -- and networks, dayparts and target audiences are identified -- advertisers can set their CPM bids and air spots within 24 hours. Advertisers only pay for impressions that are delivered to their commercials.

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