Oscar Mayer Auctions Wienermobile Adventure

Oscar Mayer Wienermobile

Oscar Mayer fans who have yearned to ride in the Wienermobile now have their chance.

Now through June 4, the Kraft Foods brand is giving everyone the opportunity to bid on eBay for a "Ride Shotbun in the Wienermobile" package. The package includes use of the vehicle for a day, a catered Oscar Mayer cookout for 50 (complete with a grill, cooler and other accoutrements) and a year's supply of the hot dogs.

Proceeds from the auction (at will support Oscar Mayer's "Good Mood Mission" to benefit hunger-relief organization Feeding America.

Alternately, fans can get a shot at a day with the Wienermobile plus $5,000 "to help spread good moods" (four prizes will be awarded) by joining the Good Mood Mission -- an initiative in which Oscar Mayer donates one pound of food to Feeding America each time people go to the dedicated site ( and finish one of the upbeat-mood sentences provided, such as: "It doesn't get better than ..." (Oscar Mayer's brand tagline is: "It doesn't get better than this.")



To enter the Wienermobile contest (which ends July 31), participants are asked to finish the sentence: "If I could ride shotbun in the Wienermobile, I would ..."

In addition to the one-pound donation made each time a sentence is completed, each time a participant also shares a good-mood sentence with friends via his/her own Facebook account wall, Oscar Mayer donates an additional five pounds of food. Furthermore, each time someone becomes an Oscar Mayer Facebook fan, the brand donates an additional 10 pounds.

The brand launched the initiative in January, donating 1 million pounds of food, and reached its initial goal of donating an additional 1 million pounds through consumer participation in the sentence-completion activity on the Good Mood Mission site. Oscar Mayer subsequently increased its goal for donations triggered by site participation to a total of 3 million pounds -- and as of this writing, is approaching nearly 2.9 million.

In support of the Good Mood Mission, Ty Burrell, a star of TV's "Modern Family," is acting as a spokesperson. Burrell made a humorous video about the program, featured on YouTube, and will be riding around New York City in the Weinermobile on June 3.

Oscar Mayer is also on the road with a "Good Moods on Tour," visiting locations around the country with the Weinermobile. Some fans who stop by are having their good moods captured on video, which is then posted on the Good Mood Mission site.

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