Power's Web Intel Unit Looks At Green Lives

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When it comes to their approaches to green living, the youngest and oldest consumers are advocacy-oriented, while Gen X and Gen Y moms are more likely to take action and adopt green habits within their households, according to analysis compiled from J.D. Power Tribe Intelligence Reports.

Power's new Web intelligence division examines unsolicited consumer mentions in online discussions among teens, early careerists, Gen Y moms, Gen X moms and boomers.

Per the findings, teens, early careerists and boomers are advocates of green lifestyles through self-education and legislative cause activism around issues like climate change, air quality and conservation. "However, as evidenced by much of the online commentary from these groups, they often stop short of adopting green habits, but display fervor in advocating for green legislation and policy," per the study.



Teens and early careerists embrace the green cause as a method of establishing their identities and independence, but boomers support green causes because activism allows them to share their point of view and their experiences.

But Gen X and Gen Y moms are more functional in using green products and making green choices at home. The study says Gen X moms are motivated by a desire to be less wasteful and more frugal in their spending. "In applying green behaviors such as gardening, composting and recycling, they have found that living a green lifestyle brings the benefit of saving money," says J.D. Power, which says Gen X moms are willing to buy green if their budget allows it.

The firm quotes one Gen X comment: "It's hard to live this 'green' lifestyle sometimes when you don't have a lot of money coming in, but at the same time if I'm smart and look for coupons ... it's not so hard."

Gen Y moms, by contrast, actually make their own cleaning products and baby food in an effort to provide pure, quality products for themselves and their families, per the Tribe Intelligence Reports, which says they actively avoid potentially toxic cleaning products and support brands that provide greener alternatives.

Among boomers, early careerists and teens, climate change is the most commonly discussed green topic. For Gen X Moms and Gen Y Moms, the most common green topic is recycling.

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