Toshiba Eyes Youth Demo In Comics Pact


In a bid to reach a younger demographic (which may not be familiar with its products), Toshiba America Consumer Products has entered into a cross-promotional arrangement with Dark Horse comics and USA Today.

"We've always skewed a little but more toward an older audience. One of our objects is to skew younger," Maria Repole, vice president of communications for Toshiba, tells Marketing Daily. "This gives some personality to the brand; traditionally, our advertising has been focused on the product."

The partnership, DH:HD, launched on Wednesday, with a sneak preview of Dark Horse's graphic novel Troublemaker by Janet and Alex Evanovich in USA Today. Though Toshiba was listed along with the publication as presenting the preview, the brand's presence will become more prevalent at ComicCon July 22-25 in San Diego, Repole says. She wouldn't divulge many details of the program, but she did say one artist is working on illustrations that include Toshiba products.



"It's going to really kick off and be solidified at ComicCon this year," she says. "Once we launch our 3D televisions, that will open up even more possibilities."

The decision to partner with a comic book company came after Repole visited the fan convention -- where many movie studios and other entertainment companies preview upcoming releases for eager fans -- last year. "It's one of the few venues and events where you can get up close and personal with the talent," she says.

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