MTV Rebrands Tr3, Adds New Look


As it seeks to increase appeal among bilingual/bicultural young Hispanics, MTV Tr3 -- now effectively just Tr3 -- is unveiling its new appearance this week, partly via a promo called "Supermercado." The spot takes place in a supermarket and uses slang identified with different cultures, culminating with a "two cultures, one channel" tag.

The network is dropping MTV from the front of its name in order to further establish its own ID, going with Tr3s: MTV, Música y Más (Music and More).

The relaunch campaign carries an "I Feel Tr3" tagline and comes from California agency Casanova Pendrill. The network's new look includes a simpler logo the network said "embraces the audience's trilogy of cultures (American + Latin American = U.S. Latino).

On the programming front, the biggest addition is "The George Lopez Show." Tr3 airs Sitcoms and Spanish series, as well as blocks of Nickelodeon shows, in Spanish.



"The Hispanic consumer has evolved in many ways, and is living in both worlds," states Elias Weinstock, chief creative officer at Casanova. "They want variety, yet they are still proud, unapologetic of who they are, and remain optimistic. Our goal was to demonstrate the ability to co-exist within two cultures in a relevant, unforgettably humorous and poignant manner."

The network is in 39 million homes, including 7.4 million Hispanic ones, representing about 60% of that universe.

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