Breaking Up Is Never EZ 2 Do Over Twitter

I H8 U

Men 18-34 are twice as likely as their female counterparts to break up through Facebook (24% men vs. 9% women) as well as via text message (31% men vs. 14% women)
-Oxygen Media Insights study, July 2010

JohnDoe Thinking about hitting the bars this weekend anyone else up for it?

JohnDoe Laura? Nah we're through, dude, I m a free man again.

JohnDoe Well we just weren't compatible. I mean she's a great person, but I wuz kind of feeling like we were in a rut.

JohnDoe Why? Oh boy, it's kind of a laundry list. Let's see. She always complained about hr family, especially hr mom, big surprise.

JohnDoe She doesn't like to go out, always wanted to stay at home and snuggle up w/ a movie, which can be fun, but if I have to watch "Beaches" 1 more time I swear...

JohnDoe Oh and she never laughed @ my jokes, and frankly I found her laugh really annoying anyway. Kind of damned if you do, damned if you don't, I realize.

JohnDoe Yeah so it's rough obv. but I'm gonna get right back out thrr and put myself on the market.

JohnDoe Hey speaking of, do u think girls like it when you're the "mayor" of a bar on 4square? Is that kinda cool and edgy or is it like OMG u r n alcoholic?

JohnDoe U mean when did me and Laura break up? Well actually I haven't told her yet, I wuz thinking of doing it 2morrow night.

JohnDoe I guess face-to-face is the best way to go, but maybe over the phone? Email seems a little impersonal.

JohnDoe Oh hey Laura, I 4got you were on Twitter 2. Um BTW we need to talk.

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