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Prime Time Gets Racier After FCC Ruling

Fade whatever is left of the family hour: It's about to get even racier out there. Prime-time TV this fall is going to be filled with even more blatant sexuality and raunchy language. That's due, in part, to FCC's regulations on indecency, which were struck down by a federal appeals court that termed them "unconstitutionally vague," essentially loosening strictures against profane language on the small screen.

And it's not just about those fleeting expletives. The CW has been upping the quotient of sexy goings-on on "Gossip Girl" and its updated "90210"; CBS turned a blind eye to a contestant caught topless on "Survivor." Now expect couples doing it on "Friends With Benefits" on NBC; Kathy Bates smoking pot on "Harry's Law" (and she plays a lawyer), also on the Peacock; and a CBS sitcom starring the irrepressible William Shatner titled "$#*! My Dad Says."



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