NPD: Consumers Accepting Stevia-Sweetened Foods

  • July 20, 2010
Not much more than a year into their retail availability, food/beverage products containing the natural sweetener stevia are showing consumer acceptance levels nearly on par with those of long-established artificial sweetener aspartame, and gaining on those of sucralose, according to market research firm The NPD Group.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved use of stevia in food/beverages in December 2008, and products containing stevia entered the U.S. market in early 2009.  NPD's Dieting Monitor, which tracks top-of-mind dieting and nutrition issues on an ongoing basis, began tracking consumer attitudes about stevia -- which is sold under various trade names, including PureVia and Truvia -- in August 2009. 

June Dieting Monitor data show 35% of U.S. consumers reporting that they have either already consumed, or would consider consuming, food/beverages that contain stevia.  In comparison, 39% reported the same about aspartame, sold under the Equal and Nutrasweet brand names; and 51% reported the same about sucralose, the artificial sweetener sold under the Splenda brand name.

The FDA approved use of aspartame, and use of sucralose in the late 1990's. Leading aspartame maker Ajinomoto rebranded its sweetener as AminoSweet late last year.



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