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Google Slams FTC Plan To Save Journalism

The financial viability of the U.S. press has been shaken to its core. The proliferation of communications outlets has fractured the base of advertising and readers. Newsrooms have shrunk dramatically and foreign bureaus have been decimated.

In response, the FTC has issued a document outlining the crisis facing print media in particular and expresses doubt that any new online business model will support original journalism. It outlines a number of possible policy solutions, such as reducing search engines' and aggregators' fair use rights to news content, and creating an antitrust exemption that would allow newspapers to form a paywall cartel, which would charge search engines and aggregators for access to their content, notes Business Insider.

"Saving journalism is not the same as saving newspapers," says Arianna Huffington, the new media mogul behind the news site/aggregator Huffington Post. "It is important to recognize that journalism is happening in multiple ways, not just in print."



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