'New York' Partners With Foursquare

New York is joining the check-in parade with this week's announcement that it has joined forces with Foursquare, the popular location-based social-media site. The move will enable the magazine to create co-branded social-media loyalty programs for readers visiting participating businesses.

The new deal brings Foursquare to the New York Web site, allowing visitors to "check in" from various local businesses in its restaurant, bargains and nightlife listings, including the usual assortment of coffee shops, restaurants, and cultural venues. Users earn points for special discounts or deals provided by the proprietors.

The Foursquare check-ins let users know where their friends are, enabling "real-world" meet-ups, while giving businesses free social-media exposure.

The magazine's roughly 7,000 Foursquare followers can get tips and suggestions for approximately 5,000 restaurants, 1,600 bars and 5,500 stores listed on the site.

New York is just one of a number of publications that have partnered with Foursquare to foster brand associations between magazines and groups of readers and businesses.



April brought partnerships pairing Foursquare with Time Out New York and Bon Appetit. The TONY deal allows Foursquare members to get a "Time Out New York Happy Hour" badge when they check in at four locations from a list of 30 participating bars and restaurants. Getting the badge gives the users access to happy-hour specials at an array of hipster venues.

Bon Appetit's deal with Foursquare presents the social network's members with a selection of "the best global epicurean and travel destinations," including restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels and shops chosen by the magazine's editors from 114 cities in 21 countries around the world.

Foursquare users who check in at one of the participating locations can unlock the Bon Appetit Navigator badge and read tips from the food mag's editors, including the chef's specialties, wine pairings and interesting trivia.

Since its founding last year, Foursquare has quickly become popular among the denizens of urban culture and nightlife scenes. Last week, Foursquare reported more than 2 million users and 5.6 million venues posted on the network, with about 1 million check-ins per day.

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