Cable May Ride 3D TV Wave


Too much hype over 3D TV? Some cable operators are sensing this, while other, bigger cable companies are going ahead with new technology plans. 

Why? Competitive pressures from the satellite TV and telco TV video services, per a report in the business journal Heavy Reading Cable Industry Insider.

The report said, for example, that 14 different 3D technology suppliers made strong business sales efforts in and around The Cable Show in May in Los Angeles.

Craig Leddy, research analyst with Heavy Reading Cable Industry Insider and author of the report, stated: "Cable has the opportunity to ride this wave and provide a next-generation service to 3D aficionados and gain potential on-demand business, subscription service support and competitive parity."

Comcast and other MSOs have started to deliver 3D TV programming and on-demand content. Big satellite distributors, such as DirecTV, are starting to offer 3D TV content as well.



But 3D technology standards still have yet to be determined.

For example, cable companies will need new set-top boxes to get the highest-quality 3D available. Many multiple system operators are also wary of 3D TV's unproven market potential, as well as a small installed base of 3D-capable TVs, according to the report.

"Even though Hollywood and consumer electronics companies will put the pedal to the metal to drive 3D content forward," Leddy says, "the installed base of 3D TV sets will take time to grow in order to provide a significant base for individual cable operators."


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