World Cup Sponsorships Not Always Smooth Ride

World Cup 2010

When it comes to pure awareness, not all global marketers witnessed improvement from their World Cup sponsorships.

Companies like Visa, McDonald's and Hyundai posted gains -- especially with younger viewers of the event. This is according to the Shelton, Conn. researcher Survey Sampling International.

Visa showed a lift among women 20-29, while men 30-39 had higher levels when it came to messaging from McDonald's. Hyundai grabbed good results from women 20-29 and men 30-39. Visa also had improvement among all male groups.

Those with little gains were Budweiser, MTN (Mobile Telephone Network) and Seara, among those who did not see the needle move on their awareness levels. SSI says respondents were no more likely to recognize these companies as sponsors during the last week of the event than they were before it began.



While Coca-Cola and Adidas remain the most recognized World Cup sponsors -- coming in at first place and second place, respectively -- neither company witnessed higher awareness results from the World Cup. SSI believes this is due to existing strong connections with consumers.

Interest in the World Cup remains high.

After the just-completed event, 68% of men 20-29 and 64% of men 30-39 say they are interested or very interested -- although down somewhat from before the event. For women after the event, 53% of 20-29 respondents and 41% of 30-39 respondents say they are interested or very interested. Overall, this is a slight increase from before the event.

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  1. Maarten Albarda from Flock Associates (USA), July 28, 2010 at 1:28 p.m.

    For us a far more important issue is how a property like WC helps us build brand relevance, and ultimately sales. We are in full "post mortem" mode on our WC activation around the globe at the moment but from a "impacts" POV our combined activities have been very successful indeed. We gained unprecedented results with our highly digital focus under the Bud United umbrella.

    "Bud United", the home of the "Bud House" reality show, ranked as the #1 sponsored brand channel on YouTube during the World Cup. It was the #1 sponsor brand channel on You Tube for several days/times during June.

    We connected with a million Facebook fans for the show, and these fans all signed up during the tournament. Our Facebook face paint app got well over 2.5 million downloads, and at one point was going at a rate of 3,000 a minute. And our "Man of the Match" global voting democratized this highly coveted player award.

    So for us it is less about the "popularity contest" for absolute awareness, and more about what we do with the rights we have, and most importantly if the activities allowed our consumers to connect in a meaningful and impactful way with our brands.

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