CBS Moves 'Bang' To Thursday, 'Boss' Updates

A new, diverse array of companies will highlight next season's reality series CBS' "Undercover Boss." 

Executives from companies/organizations including NASCAR, DirecTV, Great Wolf Resorts and Chiquita Brands Intl will go undercover at their companies taking low-level employee roles.

But critics at the Television Critics Association meeting in Los Angeles wonder how TV producers can find new ways of revealing bosses who are working undercover.

Nina TasslerNina Tassler, president of CBS Entertainment, says there are no worries -- the show's TV producers will come up with new ways and story lines.

As CBS has said in the past, no money exchanges hands between the companies and CBS -- although some have been previous CBS advertisers. Tassler adds there are no fees paid to the companies, and that "it's cast like any other reality series."



In regard to other advertising issues, "$#*! My Dad Says" hasn't seen many problems regarding potential sponsors -- despite its title. "We have not seen any push back," says Tassler.


CBS' move of "Big Bang Theory" to Thursday night is the network's biggest move in years. "The show has seen a extraordinary amount of support and love. It earned its way there; the show has distinguished itself."

TV critics and analysts have talked about CBS' stability when it comes to its senior executives. This has become an important factor at the network, now that ABC's president of entertainment Steve McPherson has resigned.

"Stability is a good thing," says Tassler. She then adds jokingly, after receiving the news of his departure: "Damn it, he got out of doing press tour."

CBS will be starting up a new daytime talk show -- akin to ABC's "The View" -- produced and hosted by Sara Gilbert, with "Early Show" and "Big Brother" host Julie Chen, among other hosts. The show replaces longtime soap "As the World Turns." Tassler says four pilots were in the running for its replacement, including one from Emeril Lagasse

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