Nielsen, Kantar Fuse

  • October 19, 2001
Nielsen Media Research and Kantar Media Research ("KMR"), two of the most recognized brands in audience measurement, have announced an agreement whereby audience information from their respective television and magazine databases will be "fused" or merged into a single database. The new service for media planners and buyers is the first of its kind in the United States. The new service will combine data from Nielsen Media Research's National People Meter database, which is the foundation for nationwide television audience measurement in the U.S., and KMR's Multimedia Audience Research Systems (MARS), the first national survey of pharmaceutical products and readership of General and Health related magazines. The data fusion service, which will be marketed separately by Nielsen Media Research and KMR to their respective customers, will be overseen by Dr. Roland Soong, KMR's Chief Technical Officer and Paul Donato, Chief Research Officer for Nielsen Media Research. -- Adam Bernard
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