CEA, ESPN Sponsor 'National 3D Demo Days'


The Consumer Electronics Association, ESPN and the top cable and satellite providers are looking to demystify some of consumers' questions about 3D television via a special weekend of "National 3D Demo Days" at electronics retailers around the country.

"A lot of our members came to us looking for help promoting 3D TV," Megan Pollock, a representative of the CEA, tells Marketing Daily. "It's new. It's exciting. But consumers still have a lot of questions."

During the weekend of Sept. 10-12, ESPN will provide continuous 3D programming in several stores, while knowledgeable sales staff will be on hand to answer the questions. The programming will include the live telecast of the Ohio State vs. Miami college football game on Sept. 11, as well as packages from the 2010 FIFA World Cup, X Games, U.S. Open and other collegiate sporting events.



"We want consumers to understand our offerings, and [we] think there's a lot of confusion around 3D," Pollock says. "There's been a lot of changes [in the technology] that are going to require some education."

Much as sports had a huge impact on households switching to high-definition programming, Pollock says sports could play a similar role in getting people to upgrade to 3D TV. According to the CEA, 64% of electronics salespeople say consumers are expressing an interest in watching their sports in 3D.

"We know [sports] is going to be a big driver," she says. "They've seen the theatrical content, but this is something you can only get at home."

The CEA will promote the weekend through local and national media outreach, and has also provided partner retailers with access to marketing and communication resources to help promote the weekend in their individual stores. Retailers already signed up for the promotion include national chains like Best Buy, Sears and Fry's as well as local and regional electronics retailers.

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