YouTube Releases Ridley Scott's 'Life In A Day' Project Raw Footage

YouTube/Life In A Day/Ridley Scott

Google's YouTube/Ridley Scott project, Life in a Day, has launched a video gallery making available raw footage from some of the 80,000 video submissions across 197 countries and 45 languages. The project, which YouTube calls a "historic global film experiment," is searchable by geography, time of day, mood and more.

The channel also features a special LG Electronics "Smile" tab, highlighting the thousands of video submissions, as part of LG's support for the project. The newly launched video gallery, the "Life in a Day" channel also features updates on the making and process of the project, as Academy-Award winning Director Kevin Macdonald, Editor Joe Walker, and their team of researchers at Scott Free UK create the feature-length documentary.

Life in a Day, directed by Kevin Macdonald and executive produced by Ridley Scott at Scott Free UK, enlisted the world's online community to capture a moment of their lives on Saturday, July 24. The clips are being assembled to create a video of life on the planet for that day.

The project will not rely on community feedback from the submitted crowd-sourced content to determine the clips that get edited in to the documentary. The final video will become available in different languages via captioning on YouTube, according to a YouTube spokesperson.

Twenty contributors chosen by director Kevin Macdonald, who make it into the final feature-length digital movie, will have an opportunity to attend the 2011 Sundance Film Festival for the world premiere in January. Those whose footage makes it into the finished film will also get credit as co-directors. The movie will be available on YouTube at the same time as the Sundance screening.

Life in a Day remains one of several efforts by YouTube to push the boundaries of music, art, and now film, according to a blog post. YouTube Symphony Orchestra and the recently announced YouTube Play partnership with the Guggenheim are examples of the convergence of online video with traditional arts, and Life in a Day takes this effort into the cinematic realm.


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