Streaming Holiday Email

MindArrow Systems, a rich media email firm, is offering customers the opportunity to send holiday e-greetings with original streaming content.

Scott Altman, VP of marketing, thinks the offering is unique, contrasting it with companies like E-greetings and Blue Mountain Arts, which offer consumer oriented greetings sent to individual recipients.

MindArrow customers select one of eight holiday-themed templates, with "Season Greetings" and other messages and add a 30 second video message. "We convert the video footage in analog format to a streaming file with Java technology, so it can be played without a media player, so anyone can view it," Altman says.

Company videos might show pictures of executives or company buildings. Logos and URL addressses can be added.

The cost is $2,000, which includes production and distribution to 10,000 email names. Altman says companies usually spend more on holiday greetings, although he is not sure how much more.

When asked about open rates for holiday emails, Altman says they'll likely be high, because customers will recognize a company's name at the top of the email. Open rates for rich media email MindArrow sends range from 40 to 95%, depending on the list used and message sent, he says.



MindArrow provides rich media email for about 100 clients, including Disney, RCA Records, Nissan, Toyota and Hewlitt Packard. The company will offer the holiday greetings to customers and prospects through an email newsletter.

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