Toyota Hispanic Campaign Is All About The Decals


Toyota, which says it is the number one auto brand among Latinos in the U.S., is running a Spanish-language campaign that centers on a series of Spanish-language car decals that trumpet different Latin American cultures.

The effort, "Somos Muchos Latinos. Somos Muchos Toyota" ("Somos muchos" means "We are many") focuses on a series of 100 or so limited-edition decals specific to dozens of Latin American cultures of origin.

The Torrance, Calif. automaker says it created the decals as a way to tie owners' pride in their origins to pride in their car. The decals say things like "Somos Muchos Chilenos" and "Somos Muchos Hondurenos."

The effort includes Spanish TV spots shot as short documentaries showing Toyota street teams handing out the decals in target cities in the U.S. In the ads, people put the decals on things like cars, bicycles, and food trucks, or whatever transit they have when they show up for the decals.



The company says the street teams will be distributing the decals nationwide at events like Mexican Bicentennial celebrations in Los Angeles, Houston and Dallas; Hispanic Heritage Month events; cultural celebrations and festivals in Miami, New York and Chicago. The company says a roster of celebrities will be involved, although no names are mentioned yet.

In addition to grassroots efforts, Toyota is giving the decals away via

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