Rovi Corp. Creates Cloud-Based Ad Platform

Interactive TV program guide company Rovi Corp. continues to move into new advertising technology platforms.

The Santa Clara, Calif.-based company says it is launching a cloud-based ad platform that can deliver TV advertising to a variety of Internet-connected devices.

The company says the new service, Rovi Advertising Service, will allow TV set manufacturers, TV content providers and other developers to connect entertainment content with advertising through traditional TV screens, set-top boxes, media players and game consoles.

Analysts believe that with the coming of Internet-enabled televisions, the ability to deliver digital advertising to many platforms will be a growth area. Many different TV-related companies are seeking a piece of this new potential advertising market.

Corey Ferengul, executive vice president of product management and marketing for Rovi, stated: "For advertisers, Rovi enables access to a wide variety of living-room display advertising options, which allow them to reach highly targeted and measurable market segments."

Working off of its electronic program guide technology, the company says Rovi Advertising Network reaches "millions of households" in North America, which can provide marketers with static display advertising such as banner ads, as well as different interactive advertising options, including portals with "TV quality video playback" and social networking.



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