Streaming News/Talk Stations Gain Listeners During Crisis Coverage

  • by November 21, 2001
MeasureCast, Inc., the company that provides Internet radio broadcasters with next-day streaming audience size and demographics data, has found that AM News/Talk stations streaming their programs over the web stream more hours of coverage to larger audiences during breaking news of crises.

"The latest evidence of this trend occurred Monday, November 12 when American Airlines flight 587 crashed in New York," said MeasureCast CEO Ed Hardy. "Many terrestrial AM News/Talk stations streaming their programs over the Internet streamed more hours that day than they did the previous Monday. We saw the same thing happen on September 11th, but those TTSL and audience size increases were more dramatic."

For example, ABC Radio's WLS-AM in Chicago (streamed by RealBroadcast Networks) witnessed a 32% increase in total time spent listening (TTSL) compared to the previous Monday. Portland, Oregon's KOTK (streamed by SurferNetwork) saw a 26% rise in TTSL.



During the entire week of November 5 - 11, however, the MeasureCast Internet Radio Listening Index, which tracks listening to streaming radio stations, dropped 4% to 315. Nevertheless, listening to stations measured by MeasureCast has more than tripled since January. As for the MeasureCast Top 25T ranking, WQXR-FM finished another week as the number one Internet radio station. and finished second and third respectively, just as they did the week before.

Other facts for the week of November 5 - 11

- 82% of all listening occurred between 5 a.m. and 5 p.m. Pacific.
- The peak listening hour was 8 a.m. Pacific, with 8% of the day's listening.
- 11% of the week's TTSL occurred over the weekend.
- The peak listening day was Monday Nov. 5, with 19% of all TTSL.
- The largest age group listening to Internet radio: 25-34 year-olds (29%).
- 55% of listeners were under 35; 26% were younger than 25; 8% were over 55.
- 69% of listeners were men; 31% were women.
- Top streaming nations include Britain, Canada, France, Japan, Mexico and the U.S.

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