TVB Makeover: Org Gets New Logo, Tagline


The Television Bureau of Advertising is getting a facelift -- a new logo and expanding media-themed tagline.

The local TV advertising group is broadening its efforts with a new marketing line: "Local Media Marketing Solutions." This replaces "Serving America's Television Stations," which has existed for many years for the 57-year-old trade organization.

The group unveiled this -- and a new colorful logo -- at its Forward Conference in New York on Thursday.

With all the new media platforms TV stations now employ -- HD programming, micro-targeting Web sites, mobile DTV and digital subchannels, TVB President Steve Lanzano said it made sense for the organization to tout its expanding service to its stations' members.

Lanzano stated: "TVB's refocused mission will include greater customer emphasis and helping advertisers find the best ways to market their products and services. All sales are local, and effective advertising must reach consumers at home, at work, and on the go, and local television stations meet all those challenges."



He added that the new logo, created in-house, connects the three letters T, V, B to convey the interrelationship of local media solutions. The colors -- red, green and blue -- represent the RGB color model, which is the model for sensing, representing and display of images in electronic systems, such as televisions. The new art and marketing materials will be completed by January 2011. TVB members include television broadcast groups, advertising sales rep firms and more than 600 individual television stations.

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