Social Media, Who Do You Love?

  • September 27, 2010
Who you gonna hire for social? Don't hire a "brand." That's what panelists said at OMMA Global conference on social media managers.

Marcy Cohen, sr. manager of sony electronics says finding a social media manager means . I know ssome one who . not sure should I put this on my own facebook page or my own twitter page? How public is it? You really have to think through ramifications.

Frank Eliason, SVP of Social media at Citi says it has to be about creating that experience and everything for customer. There are too many people out there who 'oh, I want to have personal brand.' What is that? If you do the best thing you can at your jbo you will make aname for yourself. That's what we have to focus on. Never hire someone as a personal brand.

Pauline Ores, consultant, says just because someone can make connections for themselves doesn't mean they can do it for you.

"Before I started at Comcast I had no idea what Facebook was. My point being you don't need all those aspects to be successful in that space. Those aren't the skill sets that makes you successful," says Eliason



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