iPad Ads Reach Affluent iMen


The new wave of e-reader devices is attracting plenty of attention from the news media, the media business in general, and now media research companies. Nielsen surveyed 5,000 consumers who own an e-reader, netbook, tablet computer like Apple's iPad, or smartphone, finding that e-reader owners tend to be younger, male and affluent. The proportions vary from device to device.

Among consumers who owned an iPad, 65% were male compared to 52% for iPhone owners, 52% for Amazon's Kindle, and 62% for Sony PlayStation Portable. Some 63% of iPad owners were under the age of 35, compared to 44% for iPhone, 47% for Kindle, and 68% for Sony PSP.

In terms of income, 44% of Kindle owners make more than $80,000 per year, compared to 39% for the iPad and 37% for the iPhone. Significantly, iPad owners are more likely to be receptive to advertising, with 35% saying they "enjoy viewing ads" on their iPads, compared to just 17% for all devices. Fifty-seven percent say they don't mind advertising if it means they get content for free.



Forty percent of iPad owners said they are more likely to click on ads that are simple text ads, while 46% said they enjoy ads with interactive features. Fifty-two percent said they preferred ads that delivered custom information based on their current location.

People who own iPads are also substantially more likely to act on advertising they see on their iPad, with 36% saying they made an online purchase via a PC, 24% making a purchase at a store, 12% making a purchase over the telephone, and 8% buying something directly over the iPad itself.


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