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GEICO Launches Caveman Video Greeting


GEICO has launched a new interactive video greeting that allows users to send messages to friends, family members, and co-workers featuring its "caveman" ad character.

The "Caveman and Me" concept uses a standard Web camera and card marker that triggers the caveman to appear on screen.

Users can choose from a wide selection of messages under categories such as: Greetings, Sports, Relationships, Insults and Reminders. The caveman relays the message, which can be sent via email and also posted on social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter.

"The GEICO Caveman is one of the most recognizable marketing icons in the marketplace today," said Ted Ward, GEICO vice president of marketing, in a statement. "'Caveman and Me' is a great opportunity for audiences to interact with our brand and play off of the popularity of the caveman and his naturally self assured, sarcasm and trademark humor."



The GEICO events marketing team will be setting up an exhibit and taking the app on a nationwide college football tour, where they will give demonstrations, according to Phil Ovuka, GEICO director of creative media services. "We will have to monitor the metrics over the course of the campaign to make a determination on its duration," Ovuka says.

Due to the popularity and interest in these pop culture icons, GEICO previously created, an interactive site that gave visitors a tour of the Caveman's apartment and a fuller profile of the Caveman. "We then created, a mock dating site for meeting up with cavemen," Ovuka says. "'Caveman and Me' was a logical step in the process."

The "Caveman and Me" concept and creative element was developed in-house by GEICO corporate communications' creative media team.

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