CRE Launches New Research Initiative For Emerging Media


The Nielsen-funded Council for Research Excellence said it is looking for a research firm to provide an overview of current research in areas such as how screen size and 3D TV affect viewer engagement and how people consume video on mobile devices, gaming consoles and tablets such as the iPad.

The request-for-proposal for a sort of "New-Platform Video Use 101" is hitting the streets, and applications are due by Nov. 15. Work will begin next year. Eventually, CRE wants to use the results as a basis to design and launch comprehensive studies that could upgrade measurement streams.

The project is looking for the type of overview a recent CRE study yielded about the set-top-box measurement ecosystem. The CRE said it wants to supplement its prominent 2008 Video Consumer Mapping Study.

Separately, the industry-backed Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement, which has many of the same members as the CRE, will announce results of its own set-top-box research later this month. The group wants to issue some an RFP to explore further in that area -- as well as examine multiplatform consumption and better measurement for that arena.

CIMM made a splash when its research was published, and the CRE likely wants to show it is equally active in advancing the industry knowledge bank.




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