Game Consoles Gain Digital Delivery Traction

People are still watching their DVDs and Blu-Rays, but, as many have predicted, the gaming console is becoming a media center in its own right.

According to a new study from Knowledge Networks, one in five viewers (21%) say they watch TV programs or movies through their game consoles once a month (the figures include watching a DVD or Blu-Ray through the console as well as using the system's Internet connection to access the content). Broken down by demographic, however, consumers 13-31 are using these features much more than older consumers. Comparatively, 62% of viewers said they watched DVDs once a month.

"Because those are in so many homes, it's showing that young people, in particular, are starting to turn to those as an entertainment center within themselves," David Tice, Knowledge Networks' vice president and group account director, tells Marketing Daily. "Since the new generation of systems comes with Internet capability, things have been made much easier in terms of getting content on them. If we are looking for traction among the digital delivery, it seems to be through game delivery."



According to the company, 31% of the younger demo are watching through their video game consoles, compared with 17% for those between 32 and 45 and 8% for 46- to-54-year-olds. Using the consoles for online streaming also declined as viewers aged.

"There is a generation that is growing up using that as a source of getting content," Tice says. "As they get older, they'll carry that familiarity with the device forward."

The report also looked at Internet-connected televisions, which are a relatively new device. According to the company, only 12% of respondents said they had an Internet-connected television, but that only 2% are using them to access entertainment content.

"Mostly, they click the button to see the weather," Tice says. "But in terms of that going forward, that's somewhere where the new services and offerings are building toward that being a much more usable thing."

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