Ad Premiums: 'Economist' Ideas Channel Targets Elite Mind-Set


The Economist Group launched its latest endeavor: Ideas People Channel. Debuting with nearly 30 publishers selected by Economist readers, it's an online vehicle for advertisers eager to reach an intellectual and often influential audience interested in business, politics and science.

The publishing partner sites, in addition to, include International Business Times, Kiplinger, Seed, Roll Call, Technology Review, The Christian Science Monitor and The New Republic, among others.

The channel kicks off with 11 million monthly unique visitors in the U.S., with a goal of reaching 21 million globally, say executives.

Ideas People Channel is touting its platform as a place where marketers can target users based on mindset rather than demographics. The first advertiser on board is IE Business School, an international business school based in Madrid.



"It's a fallacy to believe that you can buy audience with technology," said Stephane Pere, vice president of Ideas People Channel. "Cookies are not readers; editorial environment is key. It's back to common-sense media planning."

Bob Hanna, advertising and online business development director, The Christian Science Monitor, says despite new targeting mechanisms, "good media buying still comes down to putting your message in front of the right person in the right place."

Ideas People Channel, which will expand into Europe and Asia in 2011, is pitching corporate advertisers that want to align themselves with The Economist's affluent base.

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