Study: Almost 40% Unhappy With Branded Apps

Branded AppsNearly four in ten mobile users are disappointed with applications from their favorite brands, according to a new study by Harris Interactive commissioned by design agency EffectiveUI. The survey of 781 online adults who download and use mobile apps found that 38% are dissatisfied with branded apps. Nearly 70% agreed that a mobile app that isn't useful or easy to use contributes to a negative perception about a brand.

Almost a third (32%) have told other people about a bad experience with a mobile app, and 13% said they have avoided downloading apps from a brand or company because of a previous negative experience with an app from the same provider. Conversely, two-thirds of those surveyed have gotten an app based on a recommendation, and 57% have recommended an app they like.

Dissatisfaction with apps stems in part from users' high expectations. About three-quarters (73%) believe a company's mobile app should be easier to use than its Web site. But the study also found that only 18% considered a brand name in deciding whether to download an app. Ease of use was a more important factor than brand name alone.



EffectiveUI said the results showed that brands must do a better job of focusing on consumer needs as well as business objectives in creating apps. "It's time for organizations to understand how to fully leverage the mobile channel and optimize a user-centered approach to drive adoption, as well as reinforce and drive brand loyalty," said Rebecca Flavin, CEO of EffectiveUI, which specializes in app development.

A recent survey of app developers by mobile ad network Millennial Media found that about a third expect to more than double their revenue in 2011 and only 10% expect sales to be flat. And with the rollout of the Windows Phone 7 platform, the spread of Android phones, and a host of new tablets competing with the iPad, the app universe will expand further next year.

A third (33.1%) of U.S. wireless subscribers downloaded an app in the third quarter -- up from 30.6% in the prior three months, according to the latest mobile usage report from comScore. That puts app downloading almost on par with the 35% who browsed the mobile Web in the third quarter.

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  1. adrian mendoza, November 15, 2010 at 1:39 p.m.

    With big brands rush to create an app presence, they have missed creating effective user experiences and functionality to engage their customers. The app customer is changing. Their heighten expectation and the degree of difficulty with discoverability has forced them to be selective about their app experience.

    No longer can a brand transfer their web strategy to mobile. A robust mobile strategy must come first, and the experience must be specifically designed for each smartphone platform. Gone are the days of creating apps for brand awareness, brands must think of transactions and providing unique functionality to mobile first.

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