Ya Know, SheKnows?

Daily Dish It bears remembering that online video is not just a guy thing ... not by a long shot. Have you seen the number of video views that make-up and beauty tips get on YouTube? What celebrity news clips can do to traffic stats at any lifestyle or women's magazine site? While video hubs such as and Metacafe chase that 18-34-year-old male demo with entertainment, gaming and babes, the fairer gender is snacking on video just as voraciously. To wit: the site SheKnows claims to have generated 18.72 million video views in September to become one of the leading video providers in the lifestyle and community category in comScore's Video Metrics for the month.

The company is responsible for the interesting daily show The Daily Dish which alternates topics like entertainment, recipes, household tips, etc. throughout the week in little one to two minute clips. Late in the week, for instance we get an entertainment preview for the weekend. In another we might get a tip for decorating with rugs.



SheKnows actually has a number of other series, including some ongoing reality programming, and so it has aggregated this robust video schedule into a new brand SheKnows TV, or 'SK TV.' The company says it was responding to community feedback urging the brand to launch a dedicated video channel online since it has dedicated sites for the individual series. SheKnows is offering marketers sponsorship opportunities, including integrations with series and branded content projects. The current celebrity news franchise 'The Buzz' has Cottonelle as a major partner, with in-show mentions by the host. For instance the weekly show has a Cottonelle "Fresh With Friends Moment" in each episode that features a celebrity sighting involving star pals. This seems to go with the campaign for the disposable moist towelette that carries the share-wth-a-fiend theme.

The SheKnows 'Homergency' remodeling series boasts Maytag sponsorship. The personal makeover reality series 'Delicious Life' has LeanCuisine.

The main SheKnows site is a nicely designed women's service site with sections on beauty and style, parenting, entertainment and food. As with the men's fitness sites that recycle the same washboard abs advice feature every two months, we have to wonder how some of these service publishers keep it fresh. It must be tough coming up with household tips on a regular schedule. One of the featured clips on Daily Dish last week suggested that moms turn laundry into a family game by creating a folding party among the kids and then a "Conga line" to cart the laundry upstairs. Not sure what house hostess Brook lives in, but if my daughter didn't see through this ploy right away I would have her faculties checked.

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