Ad-On: Motorola Invests In BlackArrow

A Motorola subsidiary has made an investment in BlackArrow, a firm that is developing an array of new advertising technologies, such as dynamic ad insertion in video-on-demand programming. As Motorola takes a stake, it will work with BlackArrow on developing ways to use set-top boxes for addressable advertising options.

The amount of the investment by Motorola Ventures was not disclosed, but it is an extension of a $20 million financing round that BlackArrow announced in the spring. Then, NDS Group made a commitment, as did several previous investors, such as arms of Comcast and Cisco.

The Motorola investment, along with co-development plans, is similar to the arrangement with NDS. BlackArrow and the company are looking to deploy a system allowing an advertiser to insert updated ads into programming stored on a DVR before it is played back.

In addition to using set-top boxes to deliver tailored ads, Motorola and BlackArrow will look to the mobile space for addressable opportunities.



Several Fox Cable Networks have experimented with BlackArrow's VOD ad insertion technology that can allow for an updated spot to be slotted into a VOD stream. Networks have sought opportunities to insert updated creative in a program available on a VOD menu for lengthy periods.

BlackArrow said it would use some of the money from Motorola to accelerate deployment of its products globally.

Dean Denhart, BlackArrow CEO, stated that the Motorola partnership "will enable programmers and distributors to monetize premium television programming across a broad spectrum of 'New TV' platforms and devices."

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