Independence Blue Cross Targets Millennials

  • November 16, 2010
Independence Blue Cross of Philadelphia is breaking a new campaign aimed at attracting younger customers.

The region's largest health insurance provider worked with Philadelphia-based Tierney on the campaign, which targets individuals and startup business owners ages 25-34. It is IBC's first major advertising not directed to C-level executives of large corporations.

The campaign includes three 30-second TV spots, a microsite (IBC's first), online banner ads and radio. Creative introduces the new tagline: "Now more than ever."

Research showed that even as younger customers acknowledged IBC's superior product, they anticipated moving up to IBC "later when their company is bigger," "when the economy improves," when they are "older" (and less healthy) or when the effects of health insurance reform "become clearer" to them.--Tanya Irwin   



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