Restaurants: Mobile Tech/Facilites on 2011 Menu

Restaurant brands' efforts to connect with on-the-go consumers will accelerate in 2011, as they scramble to leverage evolving mobile marketing/ordering technology and expand mobile units, kiosks and "pop up" facilities, according to a trends report from foodservice researcher/consultancy Technomic.

Restaurants will also be challenged to offer healthier (but appealing), menu-transparency-driven offerings, and new pricing structures that preserve margins while meeting consumers' continued demand for deals.   

The good news: Weariness with penny-pinching and some economic improvement should encourage the occasional splurge in "high experience," novel restaurant formats, and even in high-end eateries. 

Also, Technomic sees opportunities in trendy "adult" beverages like retro cocktails and sangria punches, and in new variations on "world"/multicultural and "comfort" foods.

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