NBC: Tech Brands Attract Women Consumers


NBC Universal new brand power index for its Women at NBCU ad sales efforts shows that major technology companies are strong brands for female media consumers.

NBC Universal says seven of the top 25 brands are top of mind for women, including Verizon, AT&T, iPhone, Microsoft, Sprint, Samsung and Droid -- for the month of October.

One key technology advertiser, Amazon Kindle, has a campaign that is targeted to women. NBCU says its brand index number is up to 170 from 386. "It's an advertiser that realizes how important technology is to women," says Tony Cardinale, senior vice president of strategic insights for the Women & Lifestyle Entertainment Networks of NBC Universal.

During October, the biggest consumer brands for women -- in order -- were Walmart, Target, Verizon, eBay, Coca-Cola, Ford Motor, AT&T, iPhone, Pepsi, iPod, McDonald's, Honda, Bank of America, Toyota, Comcast, Sprint, Netflix, Sears, Microsoft, Tylenol, Samsung, Amazon, Dodge, Kohl's and Droid.



Cardinale says almost half the brands listed for October are either automotive or technology advertisers. In the past, these brands were heavily assumed to be of interest only to male consumers.

NBC wants to expand its ad base for its women-targeted media platforms, including Oxygen, iVillage, Bravo, "Green is Universal" and the "Today" show," as well as other female-skewing shows, such as "The Biggest Loser."

Cardinale says NBC Universal's research has drawn strong interest from media agencies and advertisers.

The Women at NBCU index looks at 500 brands, analyzing online search data from big search players, Google, Yahoo! and others, which are then compiled by online researcher Compete. It also includes social media buzz data from New Media Strategies, as well person-to-person conversations tracked by Keller Fay Group.

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