Comedy Central: New Logo, New Legal Appeal


Comedy Central has a new logo -- which may seem tangentially to put YouTube on notice.

On a straightforward boxy, simple background, there's a small "c" which is encircled by another larger, backwards "c". Below that, in a minimal looking font, appears the lower-case word "comedy" and then the word "central" --- inverted. That twist seems to play on the network's upside-down view of its funny world.

The logo itself looked like the copyright symbol, which is interesting considering that Comedy Central is at the center of Viacom's ongoing $1 billion copyright lawsuit with YouTube for copyright infringement -- a suit started in 2007.

Earlier this week, Viacom appealed a recent judge's decision that said YouTube's use of video for "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" and "The Colbert Report" was within its rights, specifically because it took down the material quickly after being notified by Viacom.



According to reports, Comedy Central says the new logo works with new digital platforms that the network is looking to expand -- especially mobile and some forthcoming new mobile apps.

The network's previous logo, for over a decade, had been variations of the word "Comedy Central" stretched over a globe with three cartoon-ish bending skyscrapers peeking out the top.

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