Bonnier Launches Roadtrip For iPad


Just a week after launching a special iPad-only edition of Parenting magazine, called "Parenting Seasons," Bonnier Corp. unveiled an original iPad-only magazine targeting automobile travel enthusiasts. Roadtrip -- which Bonnier claims is the first major magazine to launch exclusively for the iPad -- covers a form of recreation that makes up 91% of all leisure travel in the U.S.

Editor in Chief Matthew Phenix stated: "There are serious car magazines and there are serious travel magazines, but Roadtrip is the first title to bridge the wide gulf between them."

The magazine is launching with a preview edition sponsored by American Express and Visit Florida. The Roadtrip app includes video, interactive travel-planning tools and Facebook sharing. In the coming year, Bonnier plans to add iPhone apps with GPS functionality and a television show produced under the Roadtrip brand.



Over Thanksgiving, some 39.7 million Americans drove to their holiday destinations, according to AAA. That compares to 24 million Americans who flew to their holiday destinations. Overall, Americans drove about 2.93 trillion miles in 2009, down about 5% from a peak of 3.03 trillion miles in 2007, reflecting adverse economic conditions; that works out to about 12,500 miles per vehicle.

Bonnier's "Parenting Seasons" is distinguished by exclusive, custom content and a format tailored for the popular new tablet device. The quarterly digital magazine app will provide readers with a comprehensive guide to advice, ideas and activities for families throughout the four seasons. The winter edition of Parenting Seasons, which debuted with Gerber and Huggies as the launch sponsors, highlights the best ways to cure "cabin fever," kids' winter fashion, holiday cookie recipes, winter sports safety and more.

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  1. Richard Truesdell from Automotive Traveler, December 16, 2010 at 8:25 p.m.


    Roadtip isn't the first online-only magazine to combine the subject areas of cars and travel, Automotive Traveler pioneered the genre back in 2007. Unfortunately we were a bit ahead of our time as there was no iPad back in 2007. We published four quarterly issues before adopting a website/blog strategy until this November when we relaunched Automotive Traveler as a monthly digital-only magazine.

    Our strategy is a bit different in that we are browser rather than app-based allowing our publication to be viewed by virtually anyone. No app is required so rather than just 4% of the population -- the current iPad universe -- anyone with a computer or smartphone car read Automotive Traveler.

    I invite you to take a look for yourself at:

    We might lack some of the flash and glitz of our competitors but not the passion for great cars, great roads, great people, and great destinations which is our tagline.

    I would welcome the opportunity to talk to you about Automotive Traveler. You can reach me at richt (a)

    Happy Holidays,

    Richard Truesdell
    Editorial Director, Automotive Traveler Magazine,
    Partner, BCT Publishing

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