TNT Ends 'The Closer' After 7 Seasons


"The Closer," a series frequently cited as an example of cable TV's original programming success, will conclude a seven-year run next year. TNT said 15 more episodes will be filmed.

The show has been a summer hit since its launch and earned lead actor Kyra Sedgwick an Emmy last summer. TNT said Sedgwick made the decision to end the show, suggesting the network still felt the show had mileage.

Steve Koonin, president of Turner Entertainment Networks, stated that the show was "pivotal" in "setting a new course for TNT's original programming, while also serving as a prime example of the storytelling strength possible on cable television."

The series will pass the 100-episode mark in 2011, giving it life in syndication for years to come. TNT used the series last summer to help launch its popular new drama "Rizzoli & Isles," with both shows averaging more than 8 million viewers.



Sedgwick plays a detective from Georgia who joins an investigation unit of the L.A. police force and proves to be an expert at cracking the toughest cases. The series premiered in June 2005. TNT ran 13 episodes in season one before bumping it up to 15 each subsequent year.

TNT and TBS have both invested heavily in programming, from the run of original dramas on TNT to comedies such as "My Boys" and the late-night "Conan" on TBS.

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