Martini Media, TDP Merge For Pan-Atlantic Affluent Site

Two affluent targeted ad networks are joining forces -- U.S.-based Martini Media and U.K.-based TDP Media.

The two will create a unique pan U.S.-European viewer network with an audience of 60 million for those who make more than $100,000 a year. Martini and TDP can now grab from more than 1,400 Web sites.

Skip Brand, chief executive officer of Martini Media, states: "It's a natural expansion for us, as our current publisher network draws nearly 10% of its traffic from the U.K. We get a request a day for inclusion from a British publisher."

"Nothing like this exists across Europe, and before we started two years ago, nothing like it existed in the U.K.," added Matt Gower, chief executive officer of TDP Media Group, in the announcement. "With this partnership, we will actively reach out across Europe, so advertisers can reach the most influential consumers on two continents in one buy."

Martini says $100,000+ users are 25% of the Internet population and 70% of the spending power. The U.S network targets 1,000 sites, and claims to have more than 270 premium advertising clients a year.

As with other media, high-income consumers can be tough to target. One key arena to corral them is online. Martini says those users who make more than $250,000 per year average 34.1 hours a week online, more than any other group.

The combined network will include advertisers such as American Express, Burberry, Dell, Emirates and UPS.




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