USA's Character Blog Salutes Cultural Game-Changers


The people have spoken -- at least those who weighed in on USA Network's "Character Approved Blog." Visitors chose Lady Gaga, Foursquare, eBooks and the feature film "The Social Network" among the biggest cultural influencers of 2010. 

Each of the 11 experts who contribute weekly updates to the blog picked 10 people, places and/or things that delivered the greatest impact in an array of fields: architecture, art, design, fashion, film, food, music, social good, technology, theater and writing.

In addition to the expected choices -- Alexander McQueen for fashion, the iPad for design and "Toy Story 3" in film -- there are equally laudable, although lesser-known selections. For instance, Murakami's balloons at Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, in the art category, Text "Haiti" for social good, Seattle Urban Farm Company for food and the emo-rock musical "Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson" for theater.



The list also singled out important events as noteworthy, such as the freeing of dissident Aung San Suu Kyi, a Burmese politcian under house arrest for 15 years, and the release of the documentary "Waiting for Superman" that analyzes the failures of American public education.

Alexandra Shapiro, USA's senior vice president, brand strategy and digital, stated that the list was a way to "celebrate all of the contributions over the past year that have made a mark on the American cultural landscape." Click here to see the complete list.

In addition to the Top 10 Lists, USA has created the inaugural 2010 Character Approved holiday gift guide. It is designed to help shoppers find an interesting gift for every character on their list, including The Sophisticate, The Gentleman, The Hobbyist, The Gourmand, The Sportsman, The Technophile, The Traveler, The Teenager and The Kid.


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