Tech Ties: Executives Wedded To Laptops, Smartphones

Cell phoneA new study from Forbes and Google shows a mass amount of executives might not be able to function without smartphones. The research shows that 87% of executives surveyed use a laptop, but 82% use a smartphone.

In addition, 28% have "both a BlackBerry-type device and a smartphone with an HTML browser, such as a Droid or an iPhone," showing how vital they consider the souped-up devices.

Furthermore, 12% said they use a smartphone more than a computer for business. But 45% said they expect a smartphone or Web-linked tablet will be their primary device for business within three years.

The Forbes Insights data was gleaned in connection with Google and comes from a survey of 300+ executives at U.S. companies with $500 million+ in revenues.

The study found that about two-thirds of executives "indicated they're comfortable making a business purchase on their mobile device."

As for mobile advertising, there is some evidence it is having an impact. Over 50% of those surveyed said they "notice" it and "click on mobile Web ads and mobile paid searches."

Forbes said that along with the survey, one-on-one interviews were done with nine top executives at the large companies "to gain deeper, firsthand insights into how they're tackling business information."



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