Affluent Consumers Most Likely DVR Owners


Income levels often click with technology adoption. So it's no surprise that homes with DVRs have an upscale profile. Nielsen research shows that adults in homes with incomes of $75,000+ account for nearly 50% of all DVR owners.

Data collected in May found that adults -- those 18 and up -- living in homes with annual $75,000+ incomes account for 48.5% of all DVR owners. Adults in homes with incomes of $100,000+ account for 29%, more than any other income segment.

In line with those findings, adults with incomes of $75,000+ account for 50% of the "prime-time DVR playback audience." In homes with the $100,000+ amount, the corresponding level is 30%.

The majority of DVR users are 45 and under, but a notable 38% are older than 45 as of May.

As of September, 38% of all homes have a DVR. About one-quarter of homes with a DVR have two of the devices, with 5% having three or more.

In ethnic findings, the breakdown is: 30% of Hispanic homes own a DVR, about the same for African-Americans. Whites are at 40% and Asian Americans at 35%.



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