Food, Beverages, Social Media Dominate '10 News

Papa John'sAlthough we cover a dozen or so industries from automotive to electronics to retail, when it comes to attracting readers to our stories -- well, we are what we eat, apparently.

Six of the Top 10 stories that ran in Marketing Daily in 2010 were about food, beverages and restaurants. Two centered on Gen Y, one was about social media strategies, and the last -- but definitely most read of all the stories we fed you last year -- highlighted Beyonce's role in Vizio's Super Bowl spot.

Writer Tanya Irwin, whose beats include pharma, financial services and travel/tourism, has more to say on why she thinks it shut out the rest.



Social media dominated the year and many, many of our stories carry a "social media" content tag if not a mention in the headline. Writer Karlene Lukovitz, who covers the food, beverage and restaurant industries, dishes about what made her story so well read. And reporter Karl Greenberg, master of the automotive industry as well as our man on the packaged goods beat, has this to say about his coverage of Coca-Cola's social media capitalization.

Writer Sarah Mahoney wears her shoes thin pounding the retail beat and authored two most-read stories, each of which centered on Gen Y. She expounds on her thoughts as to why Millennial coverage captures audience share.

While intrepid writer Aaron Baar covers telecom, technology, electronics and entertainment, his contribution to our most-read list was about Pepsi, which tells you much about our readers' intense focus on products we eat and places we eat them in.

Which brings us back to Lukovitz, who authored the other three food-related stories.

I think if we sneak "social media" and "Gen Y" into the headlines next year, we can boost circulation quite a bit. Then again, maybe we won't have to resort to such nefariousness. Stay tuned!

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